Name Year of Birth Designation
Antoine Hubert 1966 Delegate of the Board
Daniel Jandric 1977 COO AEVIS and CEO Infracore
Gilles Frachon 1950 CFO
Séverine Van der Schueren 1970 CAO
Pierre-Olivier Haenni 1965 Managing Director
Zeynep Ersan Berdoz 1967 Chief People & Information Officer
Dino Cauzza 1972 CEO of Swiss Medical Network
Raouf Finan 1964 CEO Victoria - Jungfrau Collection

September 13/2 Publication of the 2019 Half-Year Results
November 2019 Publication of 3Q 2019 Revenue
February 2020 Publication of 2019 Revenue
March 31/2 Publication of the 2019 Annual Results