Healthcare and hotel-related real estate portfolio in Switzerland

Infracore SA, founded in 1997, is a unique healthcare-related real estate company in Switzerland. The portfolio Infracore, with a market value of CHF 779.4 million and a rental surface of 133′318 sqm consists of 33 quality entities situated in premium locations. All properties are fully let, mainly to the various Swiss Medical Network hospitals, and have been bought or constructed in the context of the development of the group. Infracore's properties present a development potential of 35′000 sqm. Infracore has a buy/build & hold strategy with a long-term perspective of ongoing renovation and maintenance programs.

The real estate company is committed over the long-term to the hospital′s operations growth but also aims to realise healthcare-related real estate acquisitions with reliable operators outside the Swiss Medical Network. Infracore is a 100% subsidiary of AEVIS VICTORIA.

Générale-Beaulieu Immobilière SA owns the hospital premises of Clinique-Générale-Beaulieu as well as several other buildings surrounding the hospital. The three properties represent a rental surface of 18′990 sqm and a market value of CHF 190.8 million.

Swiss Hospitality Properties AG (SHP) owns the buildings of the hotels Eden au Lac in Zurich and Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa in Interlaken, as well as six smaller annex properties in Interlaken. The 8 properties represent a rental surface of 41′572 sqm and a market value of CHF 178.1 million. SHP is a 100% subsidiary of AEVIS VICTORIA.

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