AD HOC and Press Releases

Date Title Language  
17/10/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA: Integration of Seiler Hotels in Zermatt English  
13/09/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA: Publication of Half-Year Report 2019 - Group remains on growth track with strengthened financial profile English  
04/09/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA: Half-yearly results 2019 - the profit for the period amounts to CHF 202.1 million English  
30/08/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA: Hirslanden and Swiss Medical Network reach an agreement about the sale of Klinik Belair English  
17/07/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA: Sale of the 15.5% stake in iKentoo SA to Lightspeed POS Inc. English  
01/07/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA: Medical Properties Trust acquires a 4.9% shareholding in AEVIS VICTORIA SA English  
07/06/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA: Five times more shares outstanding following the share split English  
04/06/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA: Repayment of the CHF 145 million bond issued on 4 June 2014 English  
27/05/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA: General Meeting of Shareholders: all proposals approved English  
27/05/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA: new strategic partner for Infracore, alongside AEVIS and Baloise Group English  
06/05/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA - General Meeting of Shareholders of 27 May 2019 English  
23/04/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA: Consolidated revenues up by 11.2% to CHF 177.3 million in first quarter 2019 (Q1 2018: CHF 159.4 million), organic growth of 6.5% English  
29/03/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA on the path to becoming an investment company English  
18/03/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA: Infracore SA publishes its first Annual Report based on Swiss GAAP FER with properties valued at their market value English  
27/02/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA achieved a 8.7% increase in revenues to CHF 186 million (2017: 172 million) in the fourth quarter of 2018 English  
23/01/2019 AEVIS VICTORIA SA: Rosenklinik, ideally located in the canton of St-Gallen, joins Swiss Medical Network English  


November 2019 Publication of 3Q 2019 Revenue
February 2020 Publication of 2019 Revenue
03/27/2020 Publication of the 2019 Annual Results
04/30/2020 Ordinary general shareholders meeting for the year 2019
May 2020 Publication of 1Q 2020 Revenue
09/18/2020 Publication of the 2020 Half-Year Results
November 2020 Publication of 3Q 2020 Revenue