AEVIS Holding SA plans to develop a field of activity dedicated to the hotel industry and launches a public tender offer for the luxury hotel group Victoria-Jungfrau Collection AG

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24.10.2013 17:35

Release of an ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 KR


Opportunity for existing Victoria-Jungfrau Collection AG shareholders to
sell their shares at a premium of 37.0% over the average share price

Today, AEVIS Holding SA (AEVIS) has published the pre-announcement of a
public tender offer for the hotel group Victoria-Jungfrau Collection AG
(Victoria-Jungfrau Collection). This tender offer, launched at a price of
CHF 250.00 per share includes a 37.0% premium compared to the 60-day VWAP
and is a unique opportunity for existing shareholders of Victoria-Jungfrau
Collection to sell their shares in the light of the de-listing of
Victoria-Jungfrau Collection's shares from the SIX Swiss Exchange and the
BX Berne eXchange, the last trading day being 29 November 2013. In the
event of a successful offer, Victoria-Jungfrau Collection would become a
new and independently managed subsidiary of AEVIS focusing solely on hotel
activities. AEVIS plans to continue the repositioning of the hotels of
Victoria-Jungfrau Collection initiated by the current management, to
promote organic growth by investing into the modernisation of the hotels
and to develop this new business division with the addition of other hotels
in Switzerland in the spirit of what has been achieved with the network of
private clinics Genolier Swiss Medical Network (GSMN).

Existing strategy to be pursued and continuity for employees and management

The various key shareholders and the Board of Directors of
Victoria-Jungfrau Collection have been contacted and informed about this
friendly offer. If the offer was successful, the Board of Directors of
Victoria-Jungfrau Collection would be recomposed and strengthened around
the existing members. AEVIS has solid know-how in the hotel business thanks
to its key shareholder and Board member Michel Reybier and its CFO Gilles
Frachon. AEVIS would support the current strategy of Victoria-Jungfrau
Collection and does not foresee any changes for the management or the
employees of Victoria-Jungfrau Collection. The hotel group would be
developed as an independent subsidiary of AEVIS.

Public tender offer

AEVIS and its key shareholders EMER Holding SA (Michel Reybier) and HR
Finance & Participations SA (Antoine Hubert and Géraldine Hubert-Reynard)
currently hold 7.8% of the shares of Victoria-Jungfrau Collection. On 21
October 2013, AEVIS, Michel Reybier, Antoine Hubert and Géraldine
Hubert-Reynard entered into an agreement regarding the acquisition and
holding of a stake in Victoria-Jungfrau Collection and the launch of a
public tender offer by AEVIS. AEVIS offers existing shareholders of
Victoria-Jungfrau Collection CHF 250.00 in cash for each share of
Victoria-Jungfrau Collection (Ticker: VIJN). The offer price represents a
premium of 37.0% above the volume-weighted average share price over the
last 60 trading days (VWAP). The public tender offer is subject to various
conditions one of which being that AEVIS and its key shareholders hold,
together with the shares tendered in the public offer, 51% of the shares of
Victoria-Jungfrau Collection by the end of the offer period. Further
details of the offer have been announced in today's public
pre-announcement. The definitive offer is expected to be published on or
around 8 November 2013.

With Victoria-Jungfrau Collection, AEVIS continues to diversify its service
offering to people
Switzerland offers considerable tourism potential and AEVIS will strengthen
its market position with the addition of Victoria-Jungfrau Collection while
diversifying its revenue streams. Victoria-Jungfrau Collection with its
four strategic locations in Switzerland is an ideal base to develop this
new area of business. AEVIS plans to further develop the hotel business and
to contribute to the turnaround of the existing hotels. The company and its
shareholders have a proven track record in successfully repositioning
companies. Within AEVIS, the hotel activities could achieve a similar
importance as the clinic network of GSMN in terms of assets and revenues in
the mid-term. Substantial synergies could be developed in property
management, finance, procurement, training and marketing activities. With
its better-aging brand Nescens, AEVIS already has a link between the fields
of activity of cosmetics (Laboratoires Genolier CSPV SA), healthcare
(check-up centres in the clinics), aesthetics (Clinique Nescens - Paris
Spontini) and the hotel business (SPAs - La Réserve hotels).

For further information:
AEVIS Holding AG Media and Investor Relations: 
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Edwin van der Geest,, 
+41 (0) 43 268 32 35 or +41 (0) 79 330 55 22
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About AEVIS Holding
AEVIS Holding SA invests in the healthcare sector, life sciences, services
to people and lifestyle. AEVIS's main shareholdings are Genolier Swiss
Medical Network, the second largest group of private clinics in
Switzerland, Swiss Healthcare Properties AG, a company specialised in
medical real estate, Nescens SA, a brand dedicated to better aging, and AS
Ambulances Services SA. AEVIS wishes to progressively develop
new sectors of activity, amongst others in the sector of outpatient
surgical centres, radiology and dental medicine and hotel or hotel-related
activities. AEVIS is listed on the Domestic Standard segment of the SIX
Swiss Exchange under the ticker AEVS.SW.

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