The persons listed below are in charge of the operational management of AEVIS VICTORIA and its portfolio companies. The management is focused on the long term, aiming for steady growth in turnover and profitability and allowing regular investments that will guarantee its sustainability.

Antoine Hubert

Delegate of the Board of Directors
Swiss citizen, born in 1966


Prior to acquiring a stake in Clinique de Genolier in 2002 and founding Swiss Medical Network in 2004, Antoine Hubert was mainly active in the property and real estate industry and has set up businesses and served as a director to several companies in various industries.

Within the Group, Antoine Hubert is Delegate of the Board of Swiss Medical Network SA and Chairman of Swiss Hotels Properties SA, CACM hotels SA and Société Clinique Spontini SAS. He is Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of Infracore SA, Centre Médico-Chirurgical des Eaux-Vives SA, Nescens Genolier SA and Klinik Belair AG. He is Board Member of GSMN Suisse SA, Swiss Medical Network Hospitals SA, Générale Beaulieu Holding SA, Clinique Générale-Beaulieu SA, Swiss Visio SA, Victoria-Jungfrau AG, Grand Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau AG, Hotel Eden au Lac AG, Hotel Bellevue Palace AG, Générale-Beaulieu Immobilière SA, Medgate Holding AG, Medgate Integrated Care Holding AG, NESCENS SA, Laboratoires Genolier SA, Swiss Stem Cell Science SA and Swiss Property Advisors AG. Antoine Hubert is Member of the Fondation de prévoyance Swiss Medical Network and the Genolier Foundation for medical solidarity. Antoine Hubert is member of the Strategy and Investment Committee of AEVIS VICTORIA.

Furthermore, Antoine Hubert is Board Member of Nouvelle Agence Economique et Financière SA.

Gilles Frachon

French citizen, born in 1950


Gilles Frachon is Chief Financial Officer of AEVIS VICTORIA SA and member of the Senior Management. He is also Board Member of HMC Gestion SA, the holding company of Director Michel Reybier, since 1997, and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Domaines Reybier SA. Previously, he has been Chief Financial Officer of Aoste, European leader in charcuterie, and General Manager of the holding company Fournier, owned by the founders of the hypermarkets Carrefour. Gilles Frachon graduated from the EM Lyon business school and was a Professor in Finance & Controlling at this business school from 1976 until 1980.

Within the Group, Gilles Frachon is Board Member of Swiss Medical Network Hospitals SA, GSMN Suisse SA, Swiss Hotel Properties SA and Société Clinique Spontini SAS (France).

In addition, Gilles Frachon is Chairman of MJ France SAS (France), Société Foncière PLM (France) and SCA Société Nationale de Propriété d’Immeubles (France). He is Board Member of RDC SA (France), Zemer SA, MRH-Zermatt SA and NTR SA.

Séverine Van der Schueren

Belgian Citizen, born in 1970


Séverine Van der Schueren holds a law degree from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and a European law degree from the University Catholique de Louvain. Before joining the Group in September 2008, she worked as Corporate Communications Manager in several listed companies. Séverine Van der Schueren has been appointed as Chief Administrative Officer of AEVIS VICTORIA SA in July 2012. Before, she was Secretary-General of Swiss Medical Network.

Within the Group, Séverine Van der Schueren acts as Secretary to the Board of Directors of AEVIS VICTORIA SA, Swiss Medical Network SA, Infracore SA, Swiss Medical Network Hospitals SA, GSMN Suisse SA and the Board committees.

Daniel Jandric

CEO of Infracore
Croatian citizen, born in 1977


Daniel Jandric graduated from Lausanne Commercial School with a qualification in commerce and went on to further studies in accounting and finance. He worked in this capacity for Swissasur, Ogisa and Navori followed by a stint as Finance Project Manager with Boart Longyear. He joined Swiss Medical Network in 2014 and is Chief Operating Officer from AEVIS VICTORIA since May 2018. He was appointed CEO of Infracore in February 2019.

Within the Group, Daniel Jandric is Board member of Swiss Property Advisors SA.

Pierre-Olivier Haenni

Managing Director
Swiss citizen, born in 1965


Pierre-Olivier Haenni became Managing Director of AEVIS VICTORIA SA in October 2012. He completed his education in Business Administration and has an international professional experience. Pierre-Olivier Haenni is Managing Partner of OperaConseil SA, a counselling firm for SME’s. He has amongst others counselled Swiss Medical Network SA in the externalisation of the facility management and laboratory services. Before joining AEVIS VICTORIA SA, Pierre-Olivier Haenni was General Manager of Sdent SA, a company managing dental clinics, and Member of the Management team of Orange Communications SA. Pierre-Olivier Haenni graduated in Business Administration from the Ecole Supérieure de Cadres pour l’Economie et l’Administration in Lausanne. He also followed international management programmes in the United States, Great-Britain and France (Owner/President Key Executive Program at Harvard Business School, Management Consulting at Cap Gemini and Strategic Leadership Program at lnsead).

Within the Group, Pierre-Olivier Haenni is Board member of Laboratoires Genolier SA and Swiss Visio SA.

Zeynep Ersan Berdoz

Chief People & Information Officer
Swiss citizen, born in 1967


After a rich journalistic career with various media in French and German-speaking Switzerland, Zeynep Ersan Berdoz was Director and Editor-in-Chief of the magazines “Bon à Savoir” and “Ma Santé”, which focused on information and practical services for consumers. As a member of the Executive Board of the group KonsumentenInfo, she also defined and coordinated the digital activities. Zeynep Ersan Berdoz joined AEVIS VICTORIA SA in September 2018 as Chief Communication & Innovation Officer and became Chief People & Information Officer in March 2019. She manages all corporate communications for the group and its subsidiaries, including Swiss Medical Network, and brings her expertise in innovation and digital transformation. She is also in charge of Human Resources and training.

Dino Cauzza

CEO of Swiss Medical Network
Swiss Citizen, born in 1972


Dino Cauzza joined Swiss Medical Network in April 2017 as Delegate of the Board of its former subsidiary GSMN Ticino, operating Clinica Sant’Anna and Clinica Ars Medica. He became CEO of Swiss Medical Network in May 2018. He benefits of a long experience in the healthcare sector in Switzerland. Dino Cauzza worked for almost 15 years at Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC), first as Chief Internal Auditor and then as CFO. Born in 1972, he obtained a license in economics (lic. oec. HSG) at the University of St. Gallen and qualified as a chartered accountant. Founder of the consultancy firm Alameda SA, he is also a Board member of several companies, mainly in Ticino.

Within the Group, Dino Cauzza is Board Member of Swiss Visio SA, Klinik Belair AG and Rosenklinik AG.

Raouf Finan

CEO of Victoria-Jungfrau 
French citizen, born in 1964


Raouf Finan graduated from a Swiss Hotel Management school in 1985. Following an international career in New York, Basel and Monte Carlo, he developed five hotels in South East Asia. He joined Michel Reybier in 1998, where he opened and managed La Réserve Genève in 2003, Ramatuelle in 2009 and Paris in 2015.

Since 2015, as Managing Director of Michel Reybier Hospitality, he is in charge of the development and the operations of the Victoria-Jungfrau hotels. In autumn 2018, he became CEO of the hotel group Victoria-Jungfrau.