AEVIS VICTORIA has been investing in healthcare ever since its inception. Investments include a group of private hospitals, a digital health organisation and a better aging brand. More information can be found hereunder.

Swiss Medical Network

Swiss Medical Network is one of Switzerland’s two leading private hospital groups. The 22 hospitals, which are located in all three of the country’s main language regions, provide first-class hospital treatment, care and assistance to patients from Switzerland and abroad.

All Swiss Medical Network hospitals are renowned for the quality of their services, their excellent medical facilities, their state-of-the art medical technology, their comprehensive specialist expertise, their top-notch hospitality and their pleasant ambiance.

Swiss Medical Network continues to develop and expand its Swiss-wide network by acquiring and restructuring further hospital facilities. The network currently extends to 22 establishments in Switzerland, with some 2’000 physicians and around 3’000 other personnel.


Medgate is a digital health organisation and Switzerland’s leading telemedicine provider. By bringing the doctors to the patients when they need healthcare, Medgate contributes to improved patient gatekeeping and overall care efficiency. Patients can organise their own healthcare through the Medgate App, which enables them to get easy access to all telemedicine services offered by the company.

Medgate wants to become a global player in the digital health arena. Active in Switzerland and Europe, Medgate also operates a teleconsultation centre in Asia Pacific and one in the Middle East.


Nescens is a brand dedicated to better aging with health management programs, lifestyle coaching and anti-aging cosmeceuticals. Nescens’ mission is to offer a comprehensive and medically founded solution to age in good health and preserve a future quality of life.